Set-ups and


Latin America Cargo City provides a number of tailored set-ups, fully adaptable to specific client requirements.

Organizations are able to engage setting up fully owned and managed warehouses within the cargo city, or utilizing the existing GMP compliant 3PL services under pay-per-use modality.

From a lean cross docking platform to a nearshore conditioning center, Latin America Cargo City will customize operations and infrastructure to fit every customer´s specifications and needs.

Operational Models

Cross Docking

Agile, multimodal cross docking operations to ensure a customized last mile and a safer, agile, reliable entry to the larger regional markets

Conditioning Line

Optimize purchase orders and long hauls and perform stickering, labelling, invoice/leaflet insertion, fractioning/grouping activities under tailored SOPs.

Refurbishing/Parts Replacement

Refurbish units and/or replace components less than 200 meters away from the tarmac


Perform any given type of packaging activity for both pharmaceutical and non/pharmaceutical products including blistering, bottling under GDP/GMP compliant guidelines and certifications.


Set up an ecommerce and/or refurbishing center on an “end of runway” basis less than 200 meters from the tarmac.

Storage Set-Ups


Pay-per-use regular storage space


Exclusive storage space


Standard/Premium storage space operated by LACC deck hands, supervised on premise by client


Premium Storage fully operated by client internal team

Fully Owned Warehouse

Fully owned warehouse constructed to the exact specifications of clients

Pilot - Getting Started

Validate the LACC solution is right for you with an express pilot. No administrative red tape required, upon agreement of general terms simply pre-alert arrival of cargo utilizing LACC WMS. No further administrative tasks required for an express pilot to achieve proof-of-concept.