Latin America Cargo City general warehouse area consists of over 7000m2 of storage areas. Specific area is customizable based on client requirements if needed.

7000 m2

Landside 14 docks (imports) + 11 docks (exports)

Airside over ramp – cargo dedicated tarmac ( 3 min distance)

+ 1200 rack positions for general cargo

Within the general warehouse at Latin America Cargo City, x-docking, conditioning and pick-pack-shipping operations for the e-commerce, textile, high-tech and spare parts industries are performed. Operations include:

  • Ecommerce fulfillment centers in which shipments are prepared less than 200 meters away from the tarmac and shipped.
  • Refurbishing centers for the high-tech industry in which defective parts are replaced and units are re-shipped.
  • Cross-Docking operations for general cargo.
  • Holding spare parts inventory for unitary shipments.