Managing director

“Uruguay is a service-oriented country where logistics is a state policy, enabling a unique combination of tax-incentives and trade facilitation for entities that choose its main airport as a Gateway to the region.

Even being part of global network of more than 50 airports, the launch of LATIN AMERICA CARGO CITY business unit was a particular milestone at Corporacion America, our holding company.

We operate the only airport in South America with a “Free-Airport” legal framework, allowing us to provide first-class value added logistics services to merchandises from and to the region, inside the airport boundaries and under a tax exemption regime.

LATIN AMERICA Cargo City understands its role. A value-added business enabler with internal excellence standards that are up to par with those most demanding around the globe, strategically located to provide fast access to large markets as well as smart access to smaller ones. The only free airport in South America with multimodal capabilities covering all needs and possibilities within state-of-the-art facilities. Let us talk and together learn in what best way LATIN AMERICA Cargo City can enhance your supply chain strategy in the region.”