Latin America Cargo City possesses state-of-the-art infrastructure for the storage and conditioning of pharmaceutical products including clinical trial, animal health and medical devices.

Pharma Hub

Total Capacity 9600 m3 40 x 22 in area and 12,50 m in height

Value-Added Areas

Docks with coating

15º a 25º chamber: 720 pallet positions

2º a 8º C chamber: 120 pallet positions



  • Total capacity of 19.767 m3
  • Chamber 15° – 25°C – a total of 1.166 pallet positions – structure of 40 x 22 mts and 12.50 mts tall.
  • Chamber 2° – 8°C – a total of 304 pallet positions – polyurethane core and 120 mm thick coated on both faces of metal sheet. A rectangular space with 17, 00 m long, 5,90 wide and 10m tall.
  • Docks with shelter
  • Value added zones


  • Cement concrete paving C30 with 1,5 mm of flatness, 0,15 m thick with a steam barrier of 200 microns
  • Steel structure. Walls with rock wool insulation of 80 mm
  • Chamber 2° – 8°C and Frozen camera (-18° C): panel of polyurethane with 120 and 150 mm of thickness respectively


  • Water-resistant insulation on walls at plinth level, at the level of enclosure of veneer and at clover

Temperature Control:

  • Data registration every 10 minutes with scheduled warning alarms trough SMS or email Thermal qualification through high precision temperature sensors. Value information of the behavior of the spaces where the cargo is located Inviolability of data based on CFR 21 section 11, and NIST validation


  • Air system HVAC Heating ROBATHERM. Units equipped with cooling and heating streamers, provide temperature control and humidity control distributed through conducts of supply and return
  • Chamber 2° – 8°C – 2 condensing units -5º + 40º with Bitzer compressors 4GE-23, 61 kW. 4 evaporators 15.52 kW (-8ºC), 3 air vent of 45cm, 22200 m3/h arrow 17m. Expansion valves, liquid visors, solenoids and danfoss filters
  • Centrifugal air vent SASE or DADE type, casing of the fan or the fan inlet nozzles, high-performance rotor nozzles with blades curved backwards section Airfoil, balanced statically and dynamically


  • 380 V system, Diesel generator Model DFEJ 50 Hz, capacity 500 KVA
  • Automatic system in case of power failure. Also, every month check out to calibrate the proper operation of the emergency generator
  • Special movement sensors por high altitudes (2, 5 to 10 mts), tension: 230V


  • 41 camera CCTV system
  • Central monitoring system – Lenel.
  • Edward System for fire control
  • Restricted access delivered by Airport Police


  • IQ – OQ – PQ Certification
  • CEIV IATA (in process)
  • SOP and good practices validated according customer requirements