Latin America Cargo City is committed to quality assurance and the safety of the products it handles by abiding by the principles of security, efficiency, innovation and continuous improvement.

Our Policy

Latin America Cargo City Quality Assurance policy affirms our commitment and strive to perform all processes and procedures under a quality oriented approach that provides trust and certainty to its operational processes.  Quality Assurance is not just a corporate guideline but a culture deeply embedded at every level of our organization that translates into a continuous improvement approach aiming towards service-level excellence, in compliance with the most demanding global quality standards.

Our Purpose

Our Quality Assurance team is fully invested in generating and maintaining a total-quality environment both for pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products that guarantee the integrity of the cargo and the execution of storage and handling activities in accordance with client’s global quality standards.

The recruitment and selection of top talent, the design and implementation of a quality governance system as well as the the periodic internal and external audits peformed by regulatory agencies, international certification entities, airlines and shippers, all build a solid, seasoned quality assurance structure. Maintaining our client’s peace of mind is at the center of both our day-to-day functions and mid-to-long term goals.