Latin America Cargo City presents its Real Estate division

Latin America Cargo City presents its Real Estate division with over 80.000m2 of developable land


LACC-Latin America Cargo City launches its real estate division, a service offering in which global and regional clients can now join the platform as tenants and customize their own warehouses and operations within the free zone premises.

Latin America Cargo City is a new concept that expands on the possibilities formerly presented by MVD Free Airport as the only multimodal Airport free zone in Latin America. While MVD Free Airport focused on 3PL services in the pharmaceutical, ecommerce, high-tech and spare parts sectors, Latin America Cargo City is proposing a complementary approach: clients can set-up fully owned and fully run regional distribution operations on free zone premises.

“Many prospects mentioned the need to have their RDC´s fully operated by internal staff based on company processes and information systems. They are not looking to outsource the operation but simply seeking the right location to set-up their own”, mentioned Hans Guiscardo, Senior Manager at Latin America Cargo City.

“Taking this into account, we’ve set up a framework in which clients can access to all the benefits of LACC’s multimodal airport free zone without sacrificing ownership of the operation”, he added.  From a financing and infrastructure development perspective, LACC provides a number of possibilities to best suite client needs.  In this instance, 80.000 m2 of developable area (potentially expandable within airport premises) will be available, all under the free zone regime, with multimodal possibilities and under an “end of runway” concept.


Latin America Cargo City is part of Corporación America, the largest airport operator in the world with a network of over 50 airports across 3 continents.

For more information, please contact us at info@latinamericacargocity.com