Latin America Cargo City begins construction of 3rd pharma warehouse

Latin America Cargo City’s Pharma Division continues growth and begins construction of new warehouse Q2 2022


Given the growth that Latin America Cargo City (LACC) has undergone in the recent years, specifically via LACC Pharma, its business unit focused on pharmaceutical distribution and conditioning, acompassing the infrastructure with the client requirements has continuously been a challenge. After recently inaugurating its second pharma warehouse in November 2021, the growth of existing and confirmation of additional operations has materialized the necessity for an additional warehouse, construction that will begin in Q2 2022.

The construction will increase the current capacity for pharma (above 30.000 cubic meters), including additional 480 pallet positions at the +2+8 temperature range, complementing its existing 1200+ pallet positions at +15+25, +350 at +2+8 and additional capacities at -20 and -70. “We are very excited about this new development and about the fact that clients continue selecting LACC as their valued partner for regional distribution,” mentioned Max Lema, Head of Client Advisory at LACC.

“The new operations include stickering/labelling activities for animal health companies, pick-pack-shipping for the medicinal cannabis industry, performing serialization traceability for cargo destined to Brazil and Argentina as well as a hub for biologic products to South America”, added Lema.

Construction is expected to begin in April 2022 and be finalized by October.


Latin America Cargo City is part of Corporación America, the largest airport operator in the world with a network of over 50 airports across 3 continents.

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