LACC Wins International Award for Innovative COVID-19 Vaccination Logistics in Uruguay

Latin America Cargo City (LACC) has been awarded the International Logistics Excellence Award at the first edition of the International Logistics Awards. The accolade was granted by the Institute for Career and Innovation in Logistics & Supply Chain (ICIL), based in Barcelona, Spain.

LACC, a logistics platform located at Carrasco International Airport in Uruguay and part of the Corporación América Airports group, was recognized for the design and implementation of an innovative logistics solution for the planning, receipt, storage, order preparation, and direct distribution of all COVID-19 vaccines administered in Uruguay.

The strategy developed by LACC, in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team, responded to one of the greatest global logistics challenges, in the context of a health, social and economic world crisis in triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The successful implementation of this strategy was achieved through a collaborative work with national authorities from the Ministries of Public Health and Defense, as well as key industry players. This collective endeavor enabled Uruguay to achieve its target of immunizing at least 70% of the population in under six months.

The model developed encompassed several aspects, such as anticipating and simulating multiple scenarios, coordinating and training operational teams and using process optimization methodologies. It also involved designing and setting a single hub as a reception center, deploying and validating ultrafreezers for vaccine storage under special conditions, and preparing on a day to day basis individual orders for each vaccination center, among others. This method minimized the handling of the merchandise, reduced delivery times to patients, ensured the cold chain and traceability, and decreased the overall risks throughout the entire process.

“LACC was proactive in anticipating the needs, sizing up the problem and proposing a successful solution to tackle this complex logistics, so that the country could launch a national vaccination plan for the population in a record time, in a quick, safe and effective way,” explained Bruno Guella, the company’s general manager.

The implemented solution was globally recognized due to its innovative character, the achievement of the set objectives, and for being key to the success of the vaccination campaign implemented in 2021. It contributed to the country’s global recognition for its pandemic management.

“This is a major milestone for LACC, but this award belongs to all Uruguayans, because it also recognizes Uruguay’s efforts for having developed a project that brought together the will of many actors at a historic moment when we needed to work together,” Guella summed up.

At the end of 2021, LACC and Uruguay’s development was internationally highlighted by Pharma.Aero, a collaboration among industries for pharmaceutical companies, airport operators, agents, and other key players in the air cargo transport sector.

Latin America Cargo City is part of Corporación America, the largest airport operator in the world with a network of over 50 airports across 3 continents.

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